Lilliput Model Wants to Chat with You

We are the Lilliput Model site, an online article depository that wants to chat and discuss important topics of the day with you, our readers. Now, I realize that a lot of you have been with us for a while, and most of you knew that the day was coming where we were going to have to change our direction toward more features about money and investing.

It’s been coming for quite a while, and since we’re doing fairly well these days, we figure it’s time for us to shift gears and share some of what we know with all of you. I’m guessing that you will be ok with that, because, honestly, who DOESN’T want to know more about investing?

Of course, if you are already all set on your own financial path and don’t need any further help or info, we get it, and we wish you the absolute best going forward. For those of you who aren’t all set, this blog is for you. Thanks for reading.